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Hello, it's your friendly neighbourhood mod here!
So I make the community and then fuck off, and don't even bother to reply to any of your posts. I'm sorry, I'll catch up A.S.A.P.

I've got a question and something to discuss, but first I thought I'd share my phobias with you.

First of all, spiders. It may be a horrible thing to say, but it kind of makes me glad to be in a community like this where I know people understand quite how intense a phobia is, and don't just think I'm being pathetic. I am terrified of spiders, and certain insects. Beyond scared, completely petrified.

Secondly, decomposing things. Mostly bodies, but even food. Nothing in films or on television bothers me, but the thought or image of a decomposing body or piece of food send me into madness. Seeing a decomposing body on television is the one thing that'll really screw with me. I once had a horrible dream involving a bird pecking out the eyes of a decomposing baby, and that stopped me sleeping for a long time. The word 'rot' or 'rotting' even bothers me. I miss so much if I'm watching a film, I'm so busy looking away in case something rotten appears on the screen. I won't go into certain areas not because I'm scared of something happening to me, but because I'm scared of seeing something rotten.

Large things, but only some. Some large trees send me into panic, industrial chimneys and windmills always do, as do ships. It's usually when they're in open, but secluded, areas, although not always. This is the phobia that causes the most panic in me, for some reason, even though it's not the worst.

I used to be horrendously scared of mirrors too, maybe not quite to the point of a phobia, but that's settled down now.

Second, I really hate the attitude some people have towards phobias. Like I said, they don't understand the intensity of it, and expect us to just 'get over it', and think we're being wimpy and pathetic, and it makes an already difficult and sometimes embarrassing situation even worse.

Finally, and I will completely understand if you're not comfortable answering this, I was wondering if anybody has any 'disorders' of any kind that they feel are related to, or contribute to their phobias. I suffer from OCD and anxiety, and while I consider those separate from my phobias, I suppose parts of it could be considered a phobia. I mean, the obsession stems from fear a lot of the time, and I believe my anxiety does too.

I have noticed that it seems people with mental health problems are more prone to phobias, and I was just wondering what your opinions were on that.
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