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As you might have guessed, I have a phobia (or two).

It's a bit odd- I certainly haven't heard of anyone else with it. Anyway, there's this foodstuff that gives me a headache (I tend to get headaches when I think about very bad stuff) when I think about it, and constantly ask whenever any food of the same colour is near me whether it is this food and will not go near people who have the food in their house.
It's called quinua (spelt with an 'oa' instead of 'ua', but it makes me feel nasty if I type it. I remember one day where I ate it and thought it was horrible, but my dad told me to finish it. It gave me a headache and I vomited. Since then I have never touched it and the phobia developed fairly soon after the event. My friends and family laugh at me. My dad especially doesn't understand why I can't eat something that is so delicious. I am convinced that he is hiding some some where and is mixing it in with food I can't see. I always eat my different types of food separately because of this.

In addition, I have arachnophobia. I can cope with pictures etc. (which I can't with quinua) but I check constantly for spiders and, should there actually be a spider, go into a panic attack. (I've never had a panic attack induced by quinua but I've never been affronted with it [consciously] since that day).

I'm guessing this somehow ties in with my OCD. Thank you for being a place for me to mind-dump: I've never done that before. I'm sorry for spamming up your community.

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