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ok, i thought i'd share this story because you all seem to understand. i have this weird fear of balloons. the rubber ones, to be specific. i think it's mostly them popping. they're like a timebomb to me, truly.

i went to a baby shower with my boyfriend- well it was more of a welcoming party: the parents adopted the baby from a foreign country (i forget which). anyway, there were balloons there. they make me feel anxious seeing them floating there, but there were also LOTS of children at the party. the small room felt like a ball pit comprised of kids, seriously. balloons + children = total freak out(!). anyway, this child was playing with a balloon and let it go, it rose to the air and got caught in the ceiling fan!!! at this point, i am seriously feeling uncomfortable. i went as close to the door as possible, but i felt bad because we had just got there. all i could do was watch it circle around and around, getting closer to the center of the fan, and hearing that awful squicky noise from it rubbing on the post. needless to say, we didn't stay for too much longer.

closest thing i've had to a panic attack in a long time.
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