mondo_canine (mondo_canine) wrote in allphobias,


Hello, I just joined this community because I've had many phobias over the years, some of which I overcame.

I've had a specific phobia for the past year, and it's really making my life difficult. When I'm in my bed at night, I get this crippling fear of zombies coming into my house and eating me alive.
If I sleep at someone else's house (including my mom's and my boyfriend's), I am terrified they will turn into zombies and eat me alive.

It really is taking a toll on my mental health since sometimes I only get 3 hours of sleep because of it.
I can't watch zombie movies, see zombie pictures or anything that looks zombie-ish, and if someone is hugging me I get sick to my stomach because I'm afraid they'll bite my neck.

I talk to people I know about this, and they all think it's funny.
I don't.

Is there a name for this? Does anyone else have this?
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